Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some questions we get asked about the web site. Maybe you have more? Send an email to the "Site Host".

Added Fri Jul 13 15:46:38 EDT 2007 ... The pages are mostly for the 2004 or earlier reunions. What about 2008?

The when/where, pub and hotel information etc were left "out in the open", accessible via a link from for ease of access. When we receive other more personal information, we'll enshrine it here.
If you use "the guestbook" or the file-upload facility, that will be one way of making this site more "current"!

Some of the links here don't work any more although they worked three years ago: What's up?

There have been some changes, and a few picayune details may have fallen though the cyber-cracks. For example, I've discarded the Domain Name CarpeMachinam in favour of and may have missed some old email addresses etc.
Another change (which shouldn't cause you any problems) is that I've changed our DSL provider from Sympatico to the National Capital FreeNet (, mainly because if I understand Bell's voluminous boilerplate correctly, running this server now violates the Terms of Agreement (TOA) for their DSL service. TOA seems to mean that they will unilaterally change the rules when it suits them.

Last week/night/hour when I clicked "Members Only" I couldn't get here - I got something like "Page Not Found" - Why?

It's our no-cost method of providing the Members Only area: these files reside on a computer in Dave and Adele's building. When the IP address for this computer has been changed for some reason, the computer program Dave Robinson wrote will update the links on the public area "front door" to this computer. But if the Internet is having big problems, this cannot happen immediately ... Dave's program (a bash shell) runs every minute, checking ... that's 1440 times per day ... so go get the beverage of your choice, and try again!

Why are some of the documents in Portable Document File format?

This makes them more universally readable - not everybody has Micro$oft Word, or WordPerfect, or ... Besides, it makes them easier for you to print out if you want a paper copy for a family member without Internet access.

Nothing has changed since my last visit. Have we stopped updating the site?

Maybe not. Try hitting the "Refresh" or "Reload" button on your browser, to make sure it actually goes to the web-site for the page information. Otherwise, it might show you the stale stuff sitting in your cache.

I sometimes get two left panes with my browser. What a pain!

Yes, it annoys us too. Click on a link in the far left pane - that should restore things to "normal".

How do I temporarily get rid of the left (navigation) panel? I want to see ALL of the map on my screen.

Easy. Right-click in the map (or whatever). Select something that says "show this frame only", or if not available "properties", and take note of the address (URL). Type that into the "Address" or "Location" window of your browser. Hit "Enter". To regain the navigation panel, hit the "Back" button in your browser.

How did this site come to be?

Robert Wachna (Chairman of the Reunion 2004 Committee) thought it was time that the Wachna Family of Canada had a web presence. David Millman secured the Domain Name "" for that purpose. Nestor Kostyniuk Jr, a prominent Toronto lawyer, is a patron who also serves as the chairman of "Wachna Family Incorporated". (Reunion 2008 will be held in Toronto.) Please direct administrative and executive questions to Robert Wachna.

Wow! Look at all the visitors in the "Web-Site Statistics"!

What did Churchill say about "statistics"? Most of the "hits" are generated by worms on infected computers, and there are sure to be some people deliberately looking for stuff that is none of their business. That's why we require a User Name and Password to get in past the "front door".

How about some technical details?

This web-site is partially hosted on a home computer (she answers to the name "fireball") by David Robinson, with technical backup provided by David Millman. It uses an Apache Web Server running under Redhat Linux.

David Millman "forwards" calls for (the Wachna Family of Canada domain) to a "public domain" host site at . For "family only" material you are further redirected to the current IP address assigned by their (Adele and David's) Sympatico HSE connection. That's a series of numbers like which will change when there's a power failure, or at Sympatico's whim, or if their Firewall/Router is rebooted.

I bookmarked the address, but it doesn't work anymore.

For your Bookmarks/-/Favorites entry, use, (NOT the address appearing in the "Address" or "Location" window of your browser). It's one of those pesky "technical details".

What's with the "Wachna Family of Canada" flag?

It's an unofficial creation by David Robinson, while playing with The GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program). The primary function is to differentiate between the publicly-visible entry page, and the family-only entry page, while stimulating discussion. Your opinion?

I clicked on a picture and am asked for a User Name and Password

If you have to ask, you shouldn't be there! There are other services provided here, like a Reunion Committee Workbook. Back up out of there, and no harm done.

Why am I again asked for a username and password when I ask for the web-site statistics?

The web-site statistics are in a separate area that others can see too, and have to use their username etc to see. We couldn't leave that area publicly visible or crackers could see the site's user names and directory structure, which might help them with their mischief.

"Crackers"? Don't you mean "Hackers"?

Nope. Hackers build things. Crackers break (into) them. Think "safecracker" ...

What's with those e-mail addresses for the Committee?

Mail addresses for committee members are obfuscated by using "aliases". Mail to those addresses is redirected to their "real" addresses, as currently known. If I've got yours wrong, send an e-mail to ...

Some pages look strange in my Edsel browser

Sorry. Web-sites are always under construction. We're working on the cosmetics. These pages were confirmed to be readable using Netscape 4.78, Internet Explorer 5.0 and 5.5, Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.2.1) Gecko/20030225, and MSIE 5.21 on a Mac_PowerPC. Internet Explorer 6.0 has been reported as sometimes dropping a frame, or giving two ... Please report any extreme weirdness to David and David.

Written and maintained by David Robinson

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